Candlelight Bikram yoga class for Charity Dec 2019

What a perfect time of year to take the lights low add some mellow tunes and practice our Bikram hot yoga class by candlelight. We have 3 very special classes for 3 very deserving charities. Come with some experience in Bikram yoga as there will be a minimal amount of directions and a small donation and enjoy! […]



20% off Red Friday SALE 2019

red2019 copy-5 Our One Day Only annual Sale is here again. Get all your  classes and goodies for 20% off. Gift your friends and family with a new healthy habit that will transform their life. Friday 6th Dec 2019 avail of 20% off Classes, Vouchers, Memberships and Retail!!! Purchase online with our promo code: Red2019,  buy at the[…]